“Phoenix” is about crashing and burning and how this is sometimes a sacrifice for rising again transformed. This, the right side of a man’s back and arm, is made from bronze and steel, and bronze fuzed to steel. It is life-sized.


It has been colored by going through the fire in the forge. I’m really excited about the patterns and colours that can be achieved by mixing steel and bronze.


Photos by Remy Sorondo.


This sculpture is called Tension and is a low key note about the day to day sacrifice for taking the small steps that also count for something. It is made from three millimeters thick steel sheet.


The surface is stamped with a pattern in selected locations.


Reconstructed Torso

I did a video of one of my latest projects: Reconstructed Torso.

At one level I just like sculpting human figures and hammering metal, and finding beauty between ideal shapes and flawed surfaces. On another level this is about ruthlessly scrutinising and making conscious the ideals that we sacrifice ourselves for. Maybe to the point of reconstructing something less ideal but more real? It is life-sized made from individually forged pieces of sheet metal 1-3 mm thick.

Torso_front_Daniel Torso_quarter_Daniel

Grave marker/memorial

At Håjum cemetary in Trollhättan, Sweden, there is a sculpture park featuring alternative grave markers. The one I’ve done is a memorial to all those that have gone before us and who have contributed to making us what we are. Here is a short recording of when I set up the grave marker: