Leather backpack

My first big leather project that is of actual everyday use is this backpack. Its not completely finished yet but I will get to updating it within the next few weeks. There are a lot of things I would do differently now (like dying all the parts BEFORE stitching it together..) but I still like the overall design.

Saddlebag parts before dying and assembling

Here are the parts of a saddlebag I made for my wife.┬áMaking patterns is probably the most fun part of making things of leather. And below is the finished bag. I’m really happy with the sort of natural vintage color which I got from mixing neatsfoot oil with a little bit of black and brown dye. Also did one coat of very diluted black dye to bring down the color a bit. (Iphone pictures so not awesome quality.)

Leather saddlebag front
Leather saddlebag

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