When making sculptures I seek beauty in the balance between the ideal and the flawed. My work is usually closer to the figurative than the abstract. From small scale to heavy objects in steel, bronze, leather, and other materials. Visit the sculptures page to see my finished work. For a glimpse at my process of making check out the videos page.

I want to create by engaging all of my senses, and by so doing challenging the human aversion to discomfort. I am therefore drawn to metal as my primary medium. My process is in many ways related to the concepts I explore: The ideals and flaws of us, our bodies, and our social roles. I draw on my background as a social scientist and a long-standing interest in history and mythology.

I have been learning art and craft on my own starting in 2003. Between 2016 and 2019 I got a Bachelor of Fine Art in Metal Art at HDK-Valand Steneby (Gothenburg University). Although I have spent much less time doing desktop based research I am still a researcher and educator at heart. It is just that my methods have shifted towards more practical exploration. Currently complementing my earlier training with a MFA in metal art at HDK-Valand Steneby.

I’m active on Instagram, username: danielstrandow, and on Youtube as DanielStrandow.